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Religious Formation Ministry Programme

Dublin, Ireland

Celebrating Forty Years

Welcome to the RFM Programme

The RFMP Group 2023-2024


RFMP group 2023-2024

Applications for the 2024-2025 RFM Programme are now closed

Are you longing to embark on a life-changing journey of inner transformation and experiential learning? Are you seeking to integrate the human, spiritual, pastoral and intellectual dimensions of formation? Are you looking to develop your pastoral leadership and teamwork skills? Are you open to a Gospel-rooted, deeply incarnational, faith-based challenge? Are you willing to launch into an inter-national, inter-cultural and inter-congregational adventure?

If your answer is YES then contact us at today! We would be delighted to tell you more about the Religious Formation Ministry Programme, address any specific queries you may have and guide you along the application process. Applications for the 2024/25 RFM Programme are now closed.

Celebrating its forty-first year the RFM Programme offers space for:

Spiritual Renewal, Prayer, Ongoing Personal Formation, Human Development, Confidence Building, Liturgical Creativity, Community Building, Social Transformation, Theological Enrichment, Cultural Diversity, Opportunity to reflect on Pastoral Practice, Development of Skills for Leadership and Formation Ministry.

New decade, new participants, new team!

There is lots of energy in Loreto House this year as the Religious Formation Ministry Programme kicks off once again! As ever, this year sees a diverse group of participants hailing from countries such as Australia, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Tonga, Uganda and Zambia all ready to embark on this deep and transforming journey. We are delighted to welcome Br. Donal Kirk CFC to the RFMP Team and look forward to benefitting from his vast missionary and formation experience.

The Religious Formation Ministry Programme (Loreto House) is a one-year renewal programme offered by the Association of Leaders of Missionaries and Religious of Ireland (AMRI). Since 1982 the RFM Programme has become renowned for its excellence. Participants minister in every continent throughout the world. Female and male religious, together with diocesan clergy find a space to learn from each other in an atmosphere that treasures diversity and encourages personal renewal.


Recent Happenings 2024


Intercultural Day


Intercultural Day 2024

Session on Laudato Si

Session on Laudato Si'


Group with Seán Ruth on Femininity and Masculinity

Kathleen McGarvey on inter-religious dialogue and Islam

Kathleen McGarvey on Inter-Religious Dialogue and Islam

Paddy Greene on Dreams

Paddy Greene on Dreams

Pastoral Placement Social Evening

Pastoral Placement Social Evening

Sean O'Baoil and Laura Randall

Sean O'Baioll

Visit of Friends

Visit of Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the RFM Programme for you?

The RFM Programme addresses the task of preparing women and men in a cross-cultural setting for the ministry of leadership, initial formation, and ongoing formation. Many religious and priests also choose the Programme for renewal and discernment during a time of transition. The Programme offers unique opportunities for human development and personal transformation and enables participants to engage with current realities in the Church and the world with greater skill and confidence. All this happens through the many and varied presentations given on different aspects of theology, spirituality, prayer, psychology, and pastoral practice.

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When will the Programme begin in 2024?

The Team looks forward to welcoming new participants on Thursday 19th September 2024. You can arrive from 1.00pm to begin at 1.30pm. Take note of our new location in September 2024: St. Raphaela’s Campus, Kilmacud Road Upper, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin A94 TP38.

Please apply in time for your visa and try to arrive in Ireland at least two weeks in advance in order to rest and find your way around Dublin. 

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How has the RFM Programme developed?

From its inception the RFM Programme has incorporated the very best available contemporary insights in spirituality, theology, cosmology, psychology, social justice, and group dynamics thus giving participants a vision of formation and leadership which energises and renews them as they return to take up their roles in whichever ministry they have been appointed to. RFMP has become renowned for its excellence and participants minister on every continent. The RFM Programme continues to develop and adapt to meet the needs of participants in a rapidly evolving universe. In the rich and challenging environment of diverse cultures, worldviews and experiences, RFMP aims to create an inclusive, welcoming community which seeks to read the signs of the times from a Gospel perspective. In 2022 the RFM Programme celebrated its fortieth year in existence.

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How does the RFM Programme operate?

The RFM Programme is process oriented. By this we mean that time is given for personal reflection which allows each participant ample opportunity to assimilate new insights and learnings. Each participant will be assigned a mentor from the team who will accompany him/her throughout the year at RFMP. Regular group work in various forms is a hallmark of the RFM Programme. Full participation is mandatory. Although no formal examinations take place, participants will be required to write reflection papers on relevant topics throughout the year. We expect that each participant gives his/her full attention to the RFM Programme while at the same time enjoying the rich social and cultural life Ireland has to offer.

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Who can join the RFM Programme and how long does it last?

The RFM Programme follows the September to June academic year and welcomes male and female consecrated persons and priests from all over the world. We aim to provide a robust experience of Human, Spiritual, Intellectual and Pastoral formation in the context of the new reality of the Church and world.

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Is the RFM Programme residential?

RFMP is non-residential.
Participants find accommodation with their own religious communities in Dublin or with a sponsoring community or local parish. We provide participants with a list of suitable accommodation from which they can make their own choice. Our excellent facilities in Loreto House provide ample space and opportunities for participants to interact with each other, form friendships and relax together.

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What is the weather like in Ireland?

Participants who come from warm climates will need to adjust to the colder temperatures in Ireland. It is advisable to bring warm clothing in preparation for the wet winter months. Although snow doesn’t fall every year it is rare that such snowfalls are very heavy or last for a long time. In the past some participants have taken great delight in experiencing snow for the first time.

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Do I need a visa?

For all information please follow the link

  • Applicants to RFMP should apply for a Minister of Religion Visa.
  • Allow four months for your visa application to go through and follow all instructions meticulously as required on the application form.
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Liturgy, prayer, sharing, relaxation and fun-times are integral to the life of the group


  • Life in RFMP
Working in pairs is normal practice at RFMP


2023-2024 Participants' reflections on their experience of the RFM Programme

The RFMP is an opportune experience for me which was filled with pragmatic activities for discernment, collaboration and inclusiveness that brought about surprising unity in diversity among us. Through the support of the Team and facilitators, I have journeyed with others, speaking and listening to one another, sharing our realities and experiences in order to find a path forward in our lives and mission in line with the principle of Synodality. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helped me to gain insight into my life, develop a clearer sense of self-awareness and awareness of others. I have also learned to serve God creatively as a responsible person in my value-inspired calling.

Jacinta Ugonma Mahakwe
Medical Missionaries of Mary

I was amazed by the similarities between belief systems that we discovered in our exploration of Traditional Religions, despite the many differences that exist in cultures and nations. I was fascinated by the uniqueness of these traditional religions, the moral values underpinning them and the rituals they developed in an attempt to balance human behaviors with the gods, the providers of everyday life, prior to Christianity.

Sipiliano Fakaosi
Society of Mary


With a wide range of topics and modules, the RFM Programme offered me a safe and nurturing space; aiding my journey of self-discovery and growth.
Thanks to the Pastoral Placement experience, I have benefited from a more comprehensive understanding of the socioeconomic issues currently confronting our societies. I am inspired by the involvement of many organisations and individuals who are committed to providing safe and non-judgmental environments, where the less privileged and vulnerable receive care and services that uphold their human dignity.

Mabel Lelabi Dimake
Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles, Ghana

Loreto House, Religious Formation Ministry Programme, has been a journey towards self-discovery and personal transformation for me. A daily invitation to experience, share and celebrate individual giftedness, constantly aware that 'I am because we are' (African Proverb).

Anastazia Asiimwe
Daughters of Mary and Joseph

Spiritual Accompaniment helped me to deepen my interpersonal relationship with God, others and nature. Engaging in role-plays and analyzing content from articles enabled me to acquire new understanding and skills which will continue to help me to have a creative and loving response to God, others and nature.

Martin Chirwa
Diocese of Chipata

My participation in RFMP has helped me to deepen my self-awareness. Through the workshop on self-esteem and other inputs, I have come to appreciate my giftedness. I am very grateful!

Anastasia Ebere
Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles, Nigeria

I am grateful to God, my Congregation and the entire Loreto House leadership team for the opportunity to participate in the Religious Formation Ministry Programme. It has been a journey of self discovery, encountering the other, personal growth and transformation. Among the various topics treated, I was touched by the inputs on emotions which has enabled me to be aware of my emotions, to welcome them as they are and to express them. This will go a long way in helping me in my encounter with others in my ministry.

Elizabeth Acheampong
Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles, Ghana

It was a great privilege for me to be a participant of the Religious Formation Ministry Programme during the year 2023 to 2024. The RFMP course has been a great inner journey of transformation for me personally along with my companions. It has brought a change in my perspectives and attitudes in understanding of Catholic Church and priesthood especially in making sense of a synodal church in the modern world.

Samikannu Sebastikkannu
Congregation of the Holy Spirit
India and Ireland

The RFM Programme has truly been a transformative journey for me, equipping me with numerous skills for personal growth and leadership. It has introduced me to a fresh perspective, emphasizing leading in harmony with creation. This approach encourages an empowering style of leadership, where both oneself and others collaborate towards a shared goal for the greater good. It is indeed a holistic journey that embraces culture and beauty.

Rose Mary Muttasseril

Disciples of the Divine Master


During this year in Loreto House, I have learnt how to listen to others attentively using, not only my ears, but above all my heart and my whole body. The invitation towards listening to others with empathy, with the intention of understanding the other person’s feelings and “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes” has been a wonderful discovery for me.

Alicja Borońska
The Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The journey of formation is a journey of "unwrapping the gifts". It is a process and an on-going experience towards inner freedom. Formators are first to unwrap their own gifts so that they can empower others to do the same. This is the power of formation which is transformational and integrated and sums up what I experienced here in Loreto House.

Roque Rebito
Society of Mary
The Philippines

RFMP has been a magnificent experience of personal growth for me. It has really transformed me and enabled me to look at life with a more positive outlook. The contributions of the participants and the support of the team members made it a very enriching time for me.

Sophie Samiak
Sisters of Mercy
Papua New Guinea

In Psychosocial and Psychosexual development and relationships, I learnt that the only person I can change is myself! I found freedom in discovering that I have no control over other people’s behaviour but that I can choose how I will react.

Cordelia Nwaokike
Medical Missionaries of Mary

RFMP has been a journey of inner transformation and awareness of the signs of times for me. I am empowered by the RFM Programme to live my faith fruitfully in the light of our changing world and culture so that my faith will be life-giving to others.

Innocent Chukwunedum Olise
St. Patrick’s Missionary Society

What an amazing experience! Creative liturgy and prayer opening our minds, hearts and souls to connecting with each other and God in exciting and awesome ways! An adventure that will always be treasured in my heart!

Stephen Hanly
Diocese of Rockhampton

I had an amazing experience spending time with nature reflecting on the blessings of God, in awesome ways. We are all a unique part of God's creation.

Shumaila Barkat
Presentation Sister

Contact Us

For further information and application forms please contact:

The Director
Religious Formation Ministry Programme
Willow Park 
Rock Road
County Dublin
A94 TW98 AMRI logo

Tel: + 353-1-2107921


Loreto House is on the move!

For almost two decades, the beautiful Willow Park House situated on the grounds of Blackrock College, has been a warm and welcoming “home” for the hundreds of women and men, religious and priests, from all corners of the world who have embarked upon the Religious Formation Ministry Programme (Loreto House) journey. As we bid farewell to the place this summer we extend a deep word of gratitude to the Spiritan Congregation for their dedicated support of the RFM Programme for so many years. 

And so a new chapter opens in the history of Loreto House as it moves to St. Raphaela’s Campus, Kilmacud Road Upper, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin A94 TP38. We acknowledge the generosity of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who responded to our appeal for a new premises earlier this year. The relocation will take place over the summer months and we will be ready in mid-September to welcome the approximately twenty international participants already processing their visa applications and eagerly preparing for the 2024-2025 session.