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Liturgy, prayer, sharing, relaxation and fun times are integral to the life of the group

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The Aim of the Programme

The programme follows the September to June academic year and welcomes Sisters, Brothers and Priests from Congregations, Societies and Dioceses. Its aim is to provide a robust experience of human and spiritual development in the context of a Church and world which are experiencing major social and global changes.

 Acknowledging the impact of these challenges and struggling to understand them while respecting the diversity of views, cultures and lived experiences in the group, enables participants to journey more effectively and confidently with others in their search for God in life and ministry today. 

The Programme incorporates the best available contemporary insights in spirituality, theology, cosmology, psychology, social justice and group dynamics to give participants a vision of formation and leadership which energises, renews and affirms them as they return to take up their roles at the end of the year.

The Process

The Programme is experiential and process oriented. It is intellectually and emotionally challenging. The basic premise on which the Programme is designed is that the person who is called to renewal or to accompany others on their journey of initial and on-going formation must, at some time, undertake a journey of personal transformation and be in touch with their own inner dynamics. They must consciously and courageously engage the struggle to come to human and spiritual maturity and accept themselves and others with compassion and understanding.

The Context

In this context, participants are given space and time for reflection, study and worship in which they can appropriate and communicate the values of the Gospel. In doing this they experience the challenge of intercultural living and engage meaningfully with issues of race, diversity, gender, authority, ecology, and other global concerns related to ministry in Church and society. The process of personal integration is enhanced by:

  • facilitated group reflection and dialogue
  • individual mentoring
  • counselling and spiritual direction
  • an 8 day directed retreat
  • Liturgy, prayer, sharing, relaxation and fun times which are integral to the life of the group

Some of the important modules offered across the year include:

  • Placement
  • Family Reconstruction
  • New cosmology
  • Frameworks for Change
  • Human Sexuality
  • Community,
  • Diversity and Conflict
  • Formation processes